Steff and Spitfire

Stefan Pearce enjoys the challenge of new and interesting ideas, having a real interest in creating things from recycled materials. His real passion is the creation of bespoke, quality sculpture through the medium of metal.


Steff was born in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire in Jan 1969.  He lived in Tamworth for most of his early years, attending the Queen Elizabeth Mercian High School until 1987. 


He began his working life as an auto technician, specialising in vehicle bodywork by refurbishing VW Beetles, Campers and Khamann Ghias.  He practiced his fabrication skill when building prototype off-road racing vehicles, and learned new skills such as TIG, MIG, Gas and Arc welding, most of it self taught.  He had a real flare for customising bodywork; this skill allowed him the opportunity to demonstrate his artistic side.  


Having been made redundant during the late 80s and a short time unemployed he managed to find work as a welder fabricator.  He was also was lucky enough to be offered a second job as a HGV fitter where he learned the intricacies of hydraulics and pneumatics. 


He started Staffordshire University in 1991; completing his foundation year with qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Business, Accounting and Commerce.  He obtained a HND in Electronics in 1995 and continued reading Electrical and Electronic Engineering; graduating in 1996 with a BEng degree.


During his four years at University he worked in the heating and air conditioning industry, tailoring his shift patterns around his study - working mainly nights.  He also attended a local college and with vocational experience he qualified as a HVAC design engineer. 


His interests include electronic, electrical, communications and mechanical engineering.  Steff is a contemporary sculptor who creates bespoke metal art in the traditional way; however, he has been known to incorporate his electronic and electrical talents into his work, in the form of animatronics.