Practice Pieces

In order to get any finished article correct and in the right proportions, a number of practice pieces are made.  Some of these pieces could be classed as art in their own right.  The following photos are taken of random practice pieces for different projects.

Barbed Wire

This piece of oversized barbed wire was created from four pieces of solid round bar.  Two lengths were tacked together at both ends, heated in the forge and twisted with a steady turn.  The barbs were again, two pieces of a smaller diameter bar.  Tacked together, heated in the forge and twisted around the larger bars.  The tacks were broken, heated, bent into the right position and sharpened to a dull point.  Once cleaned, the sample was finished in a clear plastic lacquer.

A Fish

The Fish was a practice piece for a larger project.  The outline was eventually finished in copper and stainless steel scales.

Fire Guard

The Fire Guard was actually fitted inside a wood burning fire. The intention was to keep larger logs from rolling forward.  Created using traditional and modern techniques using parts taken from an old fence.

Piranha Blank

Hand cut from a disused acid bath, the Piranha blank was a pre cursor to the finished article in Fun Sculpture.